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Advice From a Tech Founder Who’s Built a Profitable SaaS Business With 3000+ Users

By: Elliott Davidson | Interview

“Should I build this idea into an app?

“Should I take this investment money, or should I bootstrap?”

“CRAP!! One of my early employees just quit. What now!?”

J.P. Werlin has been there.

As founder and CEO of PipelineDeals, he’s grown a SaaS company from nothing to a profitable business with 3,000+ users.

These days, JP serves as a mentor for many early entrepreneurs.

He was gracious enough to share some of what he’s learned with us.

If what follows feels like a lightning round of expert-level advice, it’s because that’s what it’s like to talk with him.

Full of energy and opinions, he shared story after story about his journey building PipelineDeals.

Here are our top takeaways after talking with him.

How I Got My First Growth Hacking Consultancy Job

By: Elliott Davidson | Career

How to Stand Out in a New Industry and Secure a Job

I’m sure you can all related to this.

You’re starting out your career in a new industry industry wether this is your first job or a career change.

Standing out from the rest of the candidates is hard!

To make matters worse you have no results or experience to your name.

So why should an employer hire me over someone with more experience than me?

This is the issue I have faced.

Today I’m going to show you how I over came this issue, received multiple job offers and landed my first growth hacking consultancy job.