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The foundational guide you need to set up and operate a successful eCommerce business. From idea to profit.

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    "If you’re serious about increasing your eCommerce knowledge and store revenue, pay attention to what Elliott has to say. Not many people actually have skin in the game and are sharing tactical knowledge."

    Ken Savage


    WHo is Elliott Davidson?

    Elliott is an award-winning eCommerce Consultant and entrepreneur. The founder of his own eCommerce digital marketing agency, Contrast, and owner and operator of several 7-figure online stores. With over 10 year's experience in digital marketing both in-house and agency-side, he's helped deliver successful website migrations, implement scalable PPC sales funnels, all the way to generating millions in organic revenue.

    What is this book about?

    Some eCommerce businesses are doomed to fail from day one. Not yours! Learn from my insights of years of operating to save your precious time and money. Your dream of running your own successful eCommerce business is only a matter of time.

    I'll teach you how to come up with an idea to then validating (to see if it has the potential for success). Next we'll formulate a business plan around it around this concept. Then we'll pick your best-suited eCommerce platform and set it up so you can make your first sale - without breaking the bank.

    All the way to increasing your store’s conversion rate (CR), average order value (AOV) and ultimately customer lifetime value (LTV).