How I Got My First Growth Hacking Consultancy Job

By: Elliott Davidson | Career

How to Stand Out in a New Industry and Secure a Job

I’m sure you can all related to this.

You’re starting out your career in a new industry whether this is your first job or a career change.

Standing out from the rest of the candidates is hard!

To make matters worse you have no results or experience to your name.

So why should an employer hire me over someone with more experience than me?

This is the issue I have faced.

Today I’m going to show you how I overcame this issue, received multiple job offers and landed my first growth hacking consultancy job.

Option #1 – Standard Ruote

As I’m sure you’re aware the normal route for getting a new job is to apply for lots of roles within the target industry.

This instantly backfired by getting rejection after rejection all because I had no experience.

Catch twenty-two, how can I have experience if no one will give me a job?

All I can say is never accept no for an answer there’s always a way around this, you just have to find the angle.

I knew there had to be a way that I could secure a job I just wasn’t sure how yet.

I felt that if I could just get an interview I’d have a higher chance of securing a job.

So how did I go about tackling this issue?

Option #2 – The Creative Solution

I thought the best way to achieve this would be to be creative and stand out.

I decided that instead of applying for jobs I’d flip this on its head and get employers to ask me to work for them.

This sounds too good to be true docent it?

Well, I managed to do this and you can too!

I decided to create an online CV/resume where employers could see my creativity for themselves.

This is how was born.

I want to have the chance to truly demonstrate my skills instead of being judged for not having any experience.

I knew I need to get across my personality and the key message of what made me different to other growth hacking candidates.

It’s better to launch than not

As I knew there would be very highly influential people viewing my project due to this I wanted the site to be perfect.

I started to count up how much it would cost me to hire a video producer and a professional photographer and it was several £100 if not closer to a £1,000.

Not something I could afford or justify at this point in time.

What if this project flopped? I didn’t want to kiss goodbye to all that money.

I still had to make the best out of the situation.

Much like a new tech startup would have to bootstrap and deal with the limitations and create an MVP.

This is when I got to work and started to craft the copy, design, development and finally the video.

You have no idea how hard it was to record a simple 1 min video.

After a couple of days, I was happy with how the project was looking and it was time to launch.

How to promote a project when you have no audience?

The next issue I faced was driving traffic to the website to get the right eyes on my project.

In principle, this was a lot easier than I had initially thought.

I was thinking this is such a unique and clever idea that I’d be able to get the community behind this and they’d help me spread the word.

Oh, boy was I wrong…

All I can say is don’t rely on external communities that are out of your control.

I knew there were several big online communities for my target audience that I could share this project with.

Unfortunately, they didn’t accept my posts and I was back to the drawing board.

There were a few kind people to help share this project via social media but that wasn’t going to be enough.

I had to step it up a gear if I was going to really secure a position as a growth hacker.

After all the skills I’d need to officially become a growth hacker.

How to deal with no traction?

This is when I decided to create an outreach plan of action.

I knew that the three main channels I would focus on.

Social Media in my case LinkedIn, secondly I would be doing cold email outreach and finally, I would be doing content marketing.

Step #1 – Scraping

I wanted to connect with lots of the right target audience.

Using one of the target online communities I was able to scrape the members using a tool called Grouply.

This Facebook group had around 13,000 members.

This tool enables you to scrape Facebook groups and gather their first name, last name, position in the company and company name.

This enabled me to get a list of 6,030 potential leads.

The next step was to pump this data into Hunter to find out their emails.

Uploading the CSV I had downloaded from Grouply I was able to get 3,020 matches to emails.

Next talk about how I then uploaded a CSV to LinkedIn to connect with all of these people.

Step #2 Email Outreach

The next step of the plan was to reach out to as many people within the industry as I could.

I then decided that I would use two tools to help assist me with this task MixMax and MailShake.

MixMax is a Gmail add-on which gives you all the real features you want for outreach like email open tracking and several other features which I didn’t use.

MailShake allows you to run automated, personalized cold outreach campaigns at scale. You can set up automation triggers for when someone does something, like to flow up again with them.

From here I was able to set up a MailShake campaign to reach out to the contacts I’d scrapped from the Facebook group.

I only set a two-step simple email campaign, the first email to reach out and let them know and if they didn’t interact with the email I’d follow up again a few days later with another email.

Final Results

From doing all of this, I was able to drive several hundred views to my site.

But what you have to remember is that these were very targeted.

I was able to get multiple inquiries actually the landing page was converting just over 8% at this point.

I got a mixture of new starts up in various industries and established businesses reaching out to me from all around the world.

In the end, I decided to go with an established business operating in the UK, where I’m based from.

That’s how I was able to with no experience/results in growth hacking able to land my first consulting client.

I’d love to know if you’d of done anything differently than I did leave a comment below.